Wednesday, February 22

Lampshade mobile

First of all, let me introduce you to our Gracyn
She took her first breath on Jan. 10th weighing in at 7lbs and 2 oz. We are having so much fun with her, she definitely brought the pink into our blue world!

I've been working so hard to get her nursery just right and girly, searching for the perfect mobile for above her crib. I found this off of pinterest
So I decided to try it myself....go get yourself a cheap lampshade at the thrift store for .99
From Drop Box

1. I tore off all fabric and liner from it
2. get it to the bare frame
3. collected all my favorite fabric scraps
4. tore tons of strips (you can cut 1/2 in strip in the fabric and just tear) I like rustic edges, but if you don't you can just cut it straight all the way.
5. I just started with a dot of hot glue and just started wrapping the fabric really tight, and when one strip ended I started with another strip...this is the part where you get to make it your own. I added the little bows after with leftover strips. I would hot glue a dot every couple of times I wrapped around to keep it from unraveling, but you can do whatever you want.
6. I cut out some circles and birds from scrapbook paper. I duplicated everything so that you wouldn't see the back of paper. I glued 2 circles back to back with the string in between.
I LOVE how it turned out, it's the best kind of doesn't have to be PERFECT! Its original
meanwhile when I craft my kids tear the house up
Eli rode this around the kitchen and living room chasing Gage, all I could get was the back of them!
I hope you find time in your day to do something fun for you that doesn't consist of wiping butts and changing diapers....cause that's what I do to keep sane!:)


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